Dog Obliviously Gets Followed Around By Herd Of Sheep [VIDEO]

The owners of a cute Basset Hound filmed their dog unwittingly being followed by a flock of sheep. It’s a natural shepherd dog! See the cute video inside.

By WKBW on January 18, 2018
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Although the Basset Hound is a hunting dog, this particular one has a knack for shepherding, too!

Lady’s, the adorable Basset Hound, owners filmed her wandering in a field with a herd of sheep following closely behind. Michael and Fiona, Lady’s owners, say they plan on using her innate talent to help their full-time sheepdog.

Seems like this pup found the perfect home for her, she fits right in!

He said to Caters News:

“Lady is completely unfazed by the sheep. She doesn’t even realize that they are following her round the field.”

Watch the super cute video below.

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