Unreleased Prince Music Could Drop In September

In an interview with the guy in charge of Prince’s “Vault” of unreleased music, it was revealed that new, never-heard music is coming soon.

By on April 24, 2018
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Prince died just two years ago, and while it may not even seem like that long ago, there’s plenty of music left in Prince’s collection. The music has been there for years, like, probably since the 80s. His estate has been busy – they’ve already released a couple new versions of songs we already know and love, and have also released the video for the original version of “Nothing Compares 2 U” that shows some rehearsal footage.

Prince’s estate is now saying that they’ve got an entire album’s worth of music coming out, and it could be here as soon as September. The guy now in charge of Prince’s collection is Troy Carter, who also happens to be the “global head of creator services” for the streaming company Spotify, which makes us wonder if we’ll see more of Prince’s music exclusive to that brand. Anyway, after getting into Prince’s “Vault” and discovering all this old material, it’s been taking some time to go through. Some of it needed to be restored, some of it is being archived, and more of it is getting prepped to be released. In a nutshell, there is a TON of music nobody has heard (except those who were a part of its creation process), and there will be some new things coming “this fall.”

Why did Prince keep everything in his vault? Well, to put it simply, so it would be safe. I mean, that’s what you use a vault for, right? But why? Various reasons, really. Prince sometimes felt like he wasn’t “properly compensated” for some of his work, so he would lock it up and refuse to release it. He kept recordings, videotapes, old computer hard drives, master recordings – everything. He locked it all away so it would be safe and secure. Something else they found in the vault as well – hand-written lyrics, and notes about ideas that Prince had, or ways to run the business. The people in charge of the collection are reading those notes, and they say they’re trying to get a proper idea of how Prince wanted things to go. Pretty cool! Check out an interview with Troy Carter over here.

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