A Royal Wedding Connection To Sacramento

A Northern California shoe-company is getting some awesome exposure from the Royal Wedding, and we’ve got their story.

By on May 10, 2018
(Photo by Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is happening in less than 2 weeks. None of us were invited of course, but there’s still a Northern California connection – and it’s right here in Sacramento in the form of slippers.

So there’s a company here in Sac that makes slippers. A while ago, Meghan Markle herself bought a pair of those slippers. This was even before the Prince Harry relationship. The slippers were bought, and found their way onto the set of her TV show “Suits.” Meghan Markle gave the company a pretty awesome shout-out (more of a mention I guess but still) in an Instagram photo:

Marisa Sharkey and her pal Bianca Gates started the shoe company. The company was formed right here in Northern California just two years ago, and naturally exploded in popularity after Meghan Markle shared that photo. The company, called “Birdies,” has a storefront now based in San Francisco. The shoes are about $150 per pair, plus or minus depending on style. They say that Meghan Markle has “five or six pairs of Birdies, but is most often wearing the classic “Black Bird” style.” That’s pretty cool! A smaller start-up company appealed to a celebrity, and now that company is doing extremely well. Sales spiked after the photo, and after the engagement announcement.

Birdies has now also made a new pair of slippers specifically for Meghan Markle. They’re bridal slippers, and they were really just a gift from the company. “We know she’s been a fan of Birdies for a really long time… We wanted to do something that was our gift to her so we sent them off and hopefully she’ll receive them and love them,” says Marisa. Check out some more info here about the celeb’s apparently favorite shoes, and their online store here.

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