Justin Bieber’s Mercedes Breaks Down On Date With Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were visiting the Hamptons when their Mercedes Benz broke down in the middle of an intersection, stranding them.

By DAVID on July 3, 2018
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Car problems happen, and they happen to all of us. Justin Bieber was on a date with Hailey Baldwin in the Hamptons when his Mercedes broke down. The couple were seen standing outside of the car as they waited on a tow truck.

The Mercedes in question is from 2011, which may seem a little bit on the “old” side for someone like The Biebs. We think the car was actually a rental though, since the couple have been in Manhattan on their trip. To the meat of the story though, the car, a 2011 Mercedes SLS AMG just stopped running in the middle of the intersection. Not really sure why it happened, but it happened. Police had to come to the scene to direct traffic while the couple waited on their tow truck.

While they were waiting, of course paparazzi snapped some photos. The first picture shows the two standing outside the car, and Hailey honestly looks a little embarrassed. We can understand being frustrated the a car broke down, that happens to everyone. But I guess when you’re a celebrity, maybe the feeling of being out in the open with a broken down car is just too much? I guess we can understand it. The second picture shows Hailey going in for a tight hug with Bieber, with her eyes closed. Almost like she’s crying, aww. We couldn’t help but notice she’s holding her Amex card though.. Did she order the tow for Justin? Anyway, check out the pictures and story here.

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