Judge Judy Hit With Lawsuit From Two Women That Helped Create Her Show

Judge Judy is used to sitting in the judge’s chair, but she’s about to take a turn sitting in the defendant’s seat!

By austind03 on January 22, 2018
Judge Judy
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Judge Judy knows how to be the judge, but she’s about to try out being the defendant…

According to TMZ, the famous TV judge, along with CBS, is facing a lawsuit from former coworkers.

The Estate of Sandi Spreckman, as well as Kaye Switzer, are playing the role of the plaintiffs in this court case. Both women were staffers on The People’s Court, and they got a then-unknown Judy in touch with producer Larry Little. He, in turn, got the show off the ground and into the huge moneymaker it is today. However, both Spreckman and Switzer were dumped early into the show’s production without a penny.

Therefore, they claim that they helped create the judge’s famous show and deserve some of the profits. And boy are there profits; Judy recently sold the show’s entire library of episodes to CBS for a whopping $95,000,000.

Right now, the pair are attempting to get $4.75 million, at the bare minimum. Judge Judy has not commented.

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