Bride Offended When Wedding Guests Wouldn’t Pay Her $1,500

A bride’s wedding plans started to spiral out of control, so she demanded guests pay $1,500 per person to cover costs, and was surprised when everyone dropped out.

By DAVID on August 28, 2018
(Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Some serious Bridezilla content ahead, brace yourselves for this one. This couple was planning to get married. The plans went from a simple easy wedding with a $15,000 budget to an explosion of plans and trips, coming in around at least $60,000. The bride also wanted the guests to pay to attend “the exclusive party.”

We’ve all been to several friend’s or relative’s weddings. Sometimes we have to travel to get to that wedding, sure. Whether it’s in Southern California, Colorado, Washington, wherever. It’s annoying, but they’re our friend and we want to be there. Airline ticket, time off work, done deal. This couple’s wedding ended in disaster before it even started, and it was all called off 4 days before the main attraction was set to happen.

The couple started with good intentions and a simple plan. Then they went to see a psychic, and ended up being told that they should go with the more expensive choice for the venue they were going to use. The wedding turned into a $60k adventure, so the couple decided they would ask the wedding guests to make up the difference, basically. They’re already attending, right? In the invitations, the bride asked guests to give cash gifts. SPecifically, to the tune of $1,500 per guest.

Only 8 people RSVP’d with a check. Then things went further south. Her fiance’s parents backed out with their $3,000 donation. Her maid of honor pledged $5,000, but she too backed out with that offer. The bride was livid at everyone. How dare people not give her $1,500 to attend her “once and a lifetime party?” When it became totally clear that they weren’t going to be able to afford the massive wedding, her fiance suggested they go to Vegas to elope. Annnnnd that’s a break-up. She broke up with the guy because he suggested that.

Long story short, after she broke up with guy, guy apparently hooked up with maid of honor. Bridezilla then said that people owe her the money, and now she’s deleting social media and going backpacking across South America for 2 months. The couple also have a son together, not sure if he’s going backpacking or not. It’s a dark, twisting story that’s very fun yet infuriating to read, and it’s totally worth 10-15 minutes. Take a long lunch break, hid in the bathroom longer than normal, but you HAVE to read the full message seen here. Spoiler – she wanted “to be a Kardashian for a day.”

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