Two Pallets Of Abandoned Amazon Packages Found In Parking Lot Of Brookfields Restaurant

The manager says he found roughly 100 packages left in the restaurant’s parking lot.

By Marilyn Nelson on December 30, 2019
(Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Early Sunday morning the manager of Sacramento’s Brookfields Restaurant at Madison and I-80 made a confusing discovery. Two pallets full of Amazon packages had been abandoned in the restaurant’s parking lot. 

“(There were) 50 packages per pallet, about 100 packages,” David Slambora, the restaurant manager, told CBS13.  “We’re not sure who dropped them off, why they dropped them off, what happened, what time,” Slambora said.

Although it looked like the packages may have been rummaged through, they mostly were in good condition. 

Sacramento County deputies checked out surveillance video of a truck that may be connected to the abandoned pallets. However, there is no video of the area where the packages were found.

Meanwhile, Amazon sent out another truck to collect the boxes.

As of today, the sheriff’s office says the case is closed. Nothing criminal was discovered, and Amazon is working to get the packages delivered.

So odd. Thank goodness the manager found them before someone else…and they didn’t get rained on.

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