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By Admin on July 31, 2019

It’s so nice to see Sacramento coming together for this Family!

Thanks to a vigilant pawn shop worker there is a very happy family in Sacramento!  

Earlier this month two bikes were stolen from 20-year-old Ted Kelts. He is nonverbal and was born with a rare form of Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome.  He has limited muscle tone as well as physical and intellectual disabilities. The bikes allowed him to get around with help from his parents.

Kelts’ mother, Janet, told KCRA, “He flaps his hands and shakes his head and is just so happy and feels so free,”

When two custom (and expensive) bikes were stolen from their garage earlier this month, the family put out a call to media to spread the word and ask for your help in finding the bikes. It worked! 

KCRA reports,  “A worker at Loyalty Pawn recognized the silver tandem bike when he saw it in the shop Thursday night. Joseph Contreras said workers try to stay on top of news stories about theft in case items come into the shop.

“We got it behind the counter, we told them, ‘Before we release it back to you, before we get this loan for you, I have to make sure this isn’t the bike that was on report for being stolen, actually grand theft report, so we have to take our proper steps before we do any process alone,’” he recalled. “They immediately got nervous – they had like a deer in the headlights look on their face. And so, from there, that’s when they decided, go back and forth, look around, and that’s when they hit the door – they immediately left.”

On Friday evening, Sacramento police surprised Janet and George Kelts with the recovered tandem bike. Janet Kelts was in tears when officers showed her the bike.”

Watch her emotional response here!


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