TV Chef Scott Calhoun Loses His Show Following Child Pornography Charges

Florida-based chef Scott Calhoun just lost his brand new TV show, “A Five Star Option,” after getting charged with 13 counts of child pornography and other charges

By Motherly on May 29, 2018

Florida-based chef Scott Calhoun just lost his brand new TV show following very serious police charges.

According to Radar Online, Calhoun is currently facing multiple charges. On top of one count of possession of a controlled substance, he also is facing 13 counts of child pornography.

Before receiving the charges, Calhoun was in the process of filming a new cooking show called A Five Star Option. The show would have seen the chef searching for local ingredients in Florida to transform into “five star” meals. The show was actually far along in production, having shot multiple episodes before the scandal broke.

However, Five Star Option LLC and parent company Dawn’s Light LLC have since fired Calhoun over the charges.

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Before landing his failed TV gig, Scott Calhoun was a Desert Storm veteran with a wife and six children. He became known in the culinary world through his pop-up restaurants and his business, Café de la Calhoun.

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