Rihanna Likes Her Men Dressed in Black

“It’s so sexy and mysterious.”

By Doug Lazy on October 16, 2017

By Scott T. Sterling

Rihanna’s latest style obsession for men is to keep it simple and classic.

During a new interview with The Cut, the pop star revealed what she likes in boyfriend fashion sense.

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“This is new for me; this is recent. I love a man in black,” she said last Friday (Oct. 13) during the “pep rally” at a Bloomingdale’s in New York for Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma fall 2018 collection. “It’s so sexy and mysterious; confident and secure — all the things I love about a man. So, I’m into that.”

The singer also commented on the age-old question of whether or not men should wear socks with flip-flops (“I’m from the islands, so we don’t wear socks with shoes, especially sneakers. But it depends on the man”), and went on to reveal if she follows Instagram trends with an unequivocal nope.

“Instagram is the death of all trends,” she said. “Once it gets there, it’s too late. It’s gone. I’m so over it. I can’t; I can’t deal.”


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