‘Parks And Recreation’ Star Retta Reveals Shady Moment With A-Lister

While Retta isn’t scared to tell this story, her lawyers are worried she may be causing some “bad blood” between her and this superstar.

By Motherly on May 24, 2018
Retta, Taylor Swift Rude, Donna Meagle, Parks and Recreation
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When two celebrities meet, things don’t always go smoothly. Case in point: Parks and Recreation star Retta’s encounter with Taylor Swift while waiting in line for the bathroom.

During a recent interview with Vulture, Retta described her weird encounter with the superstar singer. They were at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, hosted for the second year by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

She was sitting at a table with her Parks and Recreation co-star Jim O’Heir, and he kept filling up her glass with champagne. Eventually, this made her need to pee, so she headed off to the ladies room.

In a very surreal moment, the woman that ended up standing in line behind her was Taylor Swift. The line was long, so the pair slowly moved toward the front of the line. When they finally hit the front, awkwardness ensued. Retta explained:

“We’re standing there forever in line, standing in line, moving up, moving up, and I was next. I was looking off to the left, and I see Taylor walk past. I yelled ‘Taylor!’ She turns around and was like, ‘Oh, were you next?’ I was like, ‘Was I? We was standing in this together for like 15 minutes. B****, you know I was next,’ and I walk past her and went to the bathroom.”

While Retta isn’t scared to tell the story (she actually thought it was really funny), her lawyers were definitely hesitant for her to talk about it. The actress explained:

“The lawyer was like okay, how can we work this because [Swift] may be like, ‘That never f****** happened.’ It did because I told the story the minute I came out of the bathroom, and I’ve been telling it ever since. It was pretty f****** funny to me.”

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With all that in mind, there’s one burning question: is there any “bad blood” between the two now? From Retta’s end, she seems pretty okay with Swift. However, she does think she might stepped on the singer’s toes with the encounter. She quipped:

“I was thinking I’ll be in her songs next.”

Head right here to check out Retta’s full interview with Vulture. Also, let us know how you would react if Taylor Swift tried to cut you in line in the comments.

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