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Arrested Bank Robber Claims Taylor Swift Made Him Do It

What should you do if you want to impress your crush? While some might say buy them flowers or take them to a nice dinner, a man with a crush on Taylor Swift had another idea: rob a bank.

According to TMZ, a man named Bruce Rowley was arrested last week in Ansonia, CT, after he confessed to robbing a bank in a plea for the superstar’s attention.

Police explained that he allegedly went to a bank and demanded money from the teller. Although he didn’t show a weapon or make threats, the teller still gave him an undetermined amount of money.

Afterward, he attempted to make contact with Taylor Swift at her home, but she was not there. He then claims to have thrown the stolen money over her fence, thinking it would win her over. Despite what Rowley says however, police are still attempting to verify if he actually made it to her house.

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Following his arrest, he explained that he has a crush on Swift and was planning on donating some of the money to the Ansonia PD in order to impress her. Bruce Rowley is currently facing charges of second degree robbery and fourth degree larceny.

Strangely, this isn’t the first time a man has committed a crime for the pop superstar; back in December, a man in Oregon attacked a pedestrian with scissors because he thought Swift said to.

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