Cat’s Out Of The Bag! This Is How Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Met

After staying mum about who the matchmaker was for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, her identity has finally been revealed!

By WKBW on January 24, 2018
prince harry
(Photo by Ben Birchall – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Since news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement in November, people have been wondering how they met. They’ve kept it a secret… until now.

It turns out London-based Ralph Lauren PR director Violet von Westenholz is the common thread between the couple. So how does von Westenholz know the prince? Turns out her dad is a baron and has been a part of Prince Harry’s inner circle for years.

A source told E! that Prince Harry confided in von Westenholz about his troubles with dating:

“He can hardly go on Tinder or a dating app like normal people, but to meet someone that you actually connect with, that was proving to be almost impossible.”

Von Westenholz met Markle through her work with Ralph Lauren. They eventually became friends. Von Westenholz decided to set Markle up with Prince Harry on a blind date. She chose Markle for good reason, though:

“Meghan had been a part of the London social scene for a while and had slotted into the high society set really easily. And so when Harry told Violet he was having trouble finding someone, Violet said she might just have the perfect girl for him.”

Markle said previously of how she ended up going on a date with Prince Harry:

“It was definitely a set-up. It was a blind date. I didn’t know much about him and so the only thing I had asked her when she said she wanted to set us up was, I had one question, I said ‘Was he nice?’”

Apparently, it really is all about who you know.

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