Man Eats At Chipotle Every Day For A Year Trying To Break Record

This man has eaten Chipotle for 365 days in a row, but he still hasn’t broken the record yet!

By Doug Lazy on November 2, 2017
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Did you know there’s a record for most consecutive days eating at Chipotle?

Well, a man named Bruce Wayne (no, not that one) is attempting to break it according to WKRC Cincinnati.

Wayne has eaten the Mexican fast food for 365 days in a row after finding out their menu aligns with his diet perfectly.

However, he’s still got a bit to go; the current record is 425-days in a row!

Speaking of his efforts, Wayne said:

“After posting online for as long as I have, no one has stepped forward yet saying there’s a record in excess of that. But I have no intention of stopping at 425.”

Learn more about this real life Bruce Wayne right here.

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