Latest Store Sales Tactic – Hand-Written Signs

Sears is starting to deploy handwritten merchandise signs to give the illusion of a liquidation sale, confusing customers.

By DAVID on June 28, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Stores – and I mean physical stores, are getting desperate to sell products. I’m not holding that against them, it’s hard to keep a physical store open to compete with the internet. All those jobs are at risk of a store shutting down as well because of internet shops. They’re having to come up with sales tactics now to compete. It’s rather ingenious, and seriously clever.

A Sears store in starting to hand-write signs for products. They say that, at least according to an employee, hand-written signs imply liquidation sales. They’re actually hand-writing signs with prices to make people think it was a last-minute price drop as if the store was closing. Now I know what you’re saying, “well isn’t Sears shutting down anyway?”. Well, no, not all of the stores are. Yes, we’re losing two of them here in Sacramento, but there are still plenty that are staying open to continue business.

In addition, handwritten signs are saving the company a lot of cash. Usually they deploy signs that are designed and printed on thick cardstock. All of that adds up quite a bit. Sure a few signs doesn’t sound like much, but we’re talking probably thousands of signs in a couple week period, per store. Sears is still going to run around 500 stores or so after closing some in the coming weeks. That’s hundreds of thousands of signs a week. If you can print a template and just write things in by hand, well, there’s some savings. See some more info here.

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