Crazy Facts About Disney Parks You Probably Don’t know… Until Now

By Felicia Czochanski on October 1, 2018
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(Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images)

Like… did you know Doritos were invented at Disneyland? Crazy right? They were actually invented at the Disneyland restaurant Casa de Fritos. However, that restaurant is now closed.

2. Disney purchases more explosives than any other entity in the United States, except for the Department of Defense, mostly for their fireworks displays.

3. All but one American flag inside the park are fake, that way they do not need to be lowered at night. The only real American flag is on Main Street USA.

4. Employees at the parks periodically catch people scattering the ashes of loved ones at different attractions in the park, including the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. YUCK!

5. There is a large, underground network of tunnels at Disneyland and Disney World which help cast members move around the park and also keep park operations hidden from guests.

6. When Disney had the Presidential Seal installed in the Hall of Presidents, they needed approval from Congress. And, fun fact! It’s the only place the carpet seal exists other than the White House and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

7. Walt Disney strictly forbid the sale of chewing gum inside Disney parks to keep it clean. However, you can bring your own inside the parks. And, inside the park, you’re never more than 30 steps away from a trashcan!

8. Speaking of trash, there are scent-emitting devices called “Smellitziers” that help keep Main Street USA smelling like vanilla instead of body odor and garbage.

9. There’s actually a small basketball court near the top of the Matterhorn where employees can hang out.

10. Get this! Not that you should try this, but the plants in Tomorrowland are “meant to be edible,” according to Disneyland’s website.

11. There are 100 feral cats who live inside Disneyland, whose job it is to help keep the mice population under control.

12. And this! This is hard to imagine! When Disneyland opened, admission was just $1 back in 1955, when the park opened. Today, admission will set you back an arm, a leg and the blood of your first born. I mean, at least $97.

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