Bald Eagle Freaks Out During SoCal Earthquake [VIDEO]

An eagle in the channel islands got quite a scare when this week’s earthquake struck right off shore.

By kncipat on April 6, 2018
A bald eagle. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

A bald eagle was minding his own business, watching his eaglets when that earthquake struck off the coast of Southern California.

WHNT reports, “A Channel Island National Park live nest cam captured the moment the bird felt the quake, startling him enough to briefly fly out of view of the camera before returning to check on his eaglets.

A couple of bricks fell off a chimney structure on a Nature Conservancy property on Santa Cruz Island, one of the eight Channel Islands, but beyond that there were no injuries on any of the islands, said Yvonne Menard, a park spokeswoman. No evacuations were ordered.”

I’m no eagle, but I am pretty sure that would have been my reaction too.

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