Your Older Co-Worker Probably Doesn’t Hate You

Who knew?

By Admin on May 16, 2019
(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

It’s not uncommon for people of different generations to have trouble relating to, or understanding each other. Just look at America’s political divide.

Older people think millennials are brats…right? And young people baby boomers are slow, old, and barely know how to use computers.

If that conventional thinking is to be believed, then how do these groups get along at work!?

A new study of 1,500 office workers in the US and Canada found that most of us actually like working with people that aren’t part of our own generation! 

76% of the people studied said they enjoy having co-workers who are significantly younger or older than they are. 71% also said that having people of different ages in the office is an asset.

Who knew?

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