Working From Home Becoming The Norm

Working from home is becoming more common and actually “normal” these days, with 70% of the working world doing it at least once per week.

By on June 1, 2018
(Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

And not necessarily doing extra work from home, we’re talking your whole job being done from home. Going to work has been a thing for many millennia. Ultimately, we work to build a society and economy, and to provide for our families. But in this modern age, we can work from anywhere that has an internet connection. It’s a matter of whether or not your employer lets you.

They say that in the entire world, about 70% of us work from home. That’s more than two-thirds of the working people in the world do their job from home at least once a week. As far as working from home for at least half of the week, that’s about 53% of us. You know what – that’s not exactly what I expected. I had no idea the figure would be that high. It sort of makes sense though, like we said earlier, it’s the internet age. We can do our jobs from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Offices more and more are moving towards cloud-based systems. Everything you need is on a server somewhere on the internet; your documents, software, everything. Also in the age of cost-cutting, if your company can rent one less cubicle from office furniture suppliers (or a space in a building), they’re all for it.

That really does depend on the job though. For example, in our offices, well, we have to be here. While we’re writing these blogs, we have to control the studio. We have to play the music, talk between songs, make sure everything runs smoothly. That part of our job will always be here in a building. But, if you write code for companies, you can do that anywhere. As long as it isn’t ultra-high security stuff, you don’t need to be physically in the office. If you work retail, well, obvious reasons are obvious.

Mark Dixon, CEO of IWG (sort of an office space consulting firm) says that allowing employees to work from home (remotely) actually helps productivity. “If you offer workers the chance to work where they need to be, and not where they are told to go to, it completely transforms their view of the company, they are more productive… If they can work at an office near to where they live or near to where they need to be, it’s totally transformational.” Does your company offer you the chance to work from home? It’s very likely that they will soon, if they don’t already. Check out some more info on the work from home theory here.

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