What You Need To Know When Giving Gift Cards For Christmas

Giving gift cards for Christmas or birthdays may seem like a great idea, but they have to be well-picked and non-specific, and we’ll help you choose.

By DAVID on October 30, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Gift cards are a loved/hated gift for the Holidays. Some people love being able to pick something out for themselves. Other people hate being tied down to one specific store. However you feel about it, gift cards can still be great gifts. We’re here to let you know which ones are the ones to grab for 2018, and which ones should be avoided.

Which gift cards are the best ones to give as a gift? According to this website, it looks like a Disney gift card topped the list. I’ll be honest – anything Disney here in California is like gold, especially if you’re a child. BUT, I feel like it’s very specific. Next on the list is an iTunes card. Makes sense, so many people have iPhones and nearly everyone has music on their phone. Plus it could be used for apps and other things on the store as well. I see why that made the top-5. Next, a Visa gift card. This one I would have thought would make the #1 spot, considering it can be used pretty much anywhere for anything. Following that were Target, and Walmart cards.

What about the worst gift cards to give? These, unless someone specifically shops at the store and you’re totally confident they’ll love it, makes sense. These stores are sort of niche, and maybe considered “not fun.” One of those is a Shell card, for gas. Side note – I’d personally be thrilled if someone paid for my gas, but that’s just me. Next on the bottom of the list is a Hobby Lobby card. Again, unless the person is totally into crafty things, I can see that one being a flop. Also near the bottom were Forever 21, Michaels, and movie theater cards.

How do you feel about gift cards? Are they a convenient, “pick whatever you want” sort of gift idea? Or do you feel like they’re the lazy way out? Read some more about the popular gift cards for this year here.

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