Tyra Banks Details Beyoncé’s Insane Work Ethic [VIDEO]

Tyra Banks named Beyoncé as her favorite guest on ‘The Tyra Show.’ The supermodel discussed Queen B’s immense focus and power.

By WKBW on April 10, 2018
tyra banks
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Tyra Banks didn’t hesitate to name Beyoncé as her favorite guest on The Tyra Show.

By now, many people have heard about Queen B’s perfectionism and insane work ethic. Tyra confirmed with Buzzfeed that it’s an amazing sight to behold:

“I loved, loved, loved Beyoncé coming on The Tyra Show. She would come all the time. When Beyoncé came, she’d come two hours before the show started and damn near stayed two hours after it was over, looking at tape and making sure everything was okay. She was such a perfectionist. She needed all that time and I gave it to her.

“[Beyoncé] didn’t know I was looking at her, but I got to see her rehearsing, and telling her crew to do this and do that. Back in the day, people thought Beyoncé was just like ,’Yes, ma’am. I’m from Houston and I’m just so nice and happy.’ She is a nice girl, but she’s also a business woman and I got to see why she’s so successful. She knew lighting, sound, every single thing… so, she was fun. And she always did something a little extra, crazy on my show, which was fun.”

Watch the interview below where Tyra furthermore discusses America’s Next Top ModelLife-Size 2, and other career highlights.

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