Twelve Year Old Has Bali Vacation With Stolen Credit Card

A 12-year-old boy wanted to go on a vacation to Bali, so he did, and nobody from both flights, customs, or the hotel stopped him.

By DAVID on April 23, 2018
(Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images)

This story is simultaneously hilarious and really frightening. A 12-year-old stole his parents’ credit card, and was able to take a full-on vacation all by himself, including flights and hotel. Hilarious because he was able to figure it all out and it sounds like something out of a movie, and frightening because, well, he was able to do that all by himself – and nobody stopped him anywhere.

The boy is from Australia, and he wanted to take a trip to Bali. The family apparently goes there a lot, and he wanted to just go ahead and take a trip to relax from the perils of being a 12-year-old. Anyway, his mother obviously told him “no,” so he came up with other plans. He did the research and figured out what airlines would allow an unaccompanied minor to fly. Bingo, step one figured out. He knew he needed his passport, so he somehow convinced his grandmother to let him have it. Passport secured. Next step – how to pay for a flight. Well, steal your parents’ credit card, obviously.

The next day he told his parents he was “leaving for school.” Instead, he hopped on his Razor scooter and scooted all the way to the train station. He boarded the correct plane for the airport. Once at the airport, he used one of the self-check in kiosks to grab his boarding pass. The boy got through security and made it to the gate, then onto the plane. He flew to Perth, and then Indonesia. At customs, he just said his mother was waiting outside, and they let him through. At the hotel, he said his older sister would be there soon, and they let him in. He was stopped one other time and asked for his student ID to prove he was in “secondary school.” The story is seriously crazy, check out many more details on the boy’s vacation here.

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