Trooper Pulls Over Man Who Delivered Him 27 Years Earlier [PIC]

Some time ago, a police officer helped deliver a baby, and 27 years later that baby, now a trooper, pulled over that now retired officer.

By DAVID on June 7, 2018
(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Small world, right? A New Jersey State Trooper pulled a guy over, and after talking about things for a minute, the driver remembered a woman who was giving birth 27 years earlier. Yep, it’s that kid.

Trooper Michael Patterson pulled a man over last week. The guy was noticed to be in some sort of violation. More on that later. Anyway, the guy that was pulled over, Michael Bailly, mentioned that he used to be a police officer a few towns away. The officer noted that, and mentioned that he grew up in that town. Bailly, the driver, retired from the police force in that town, and asked where the trooper had grown up. Trooper Patterson mentioned the part of town, on a street called Poe Place. The retired officer then remembered when he was first starting on the police force, how he got a call on that street.

The call that he received was about a woman giving birth. He told the story about the call, and how a woman had come home from the grocery store and then went into labor. Bailly arrived on-scene, and talked on the phone with the couple’s doctor. He was able to successfully deliver the baby in their home, in October 1991. Bailly even recalled the color of the house. After telling the story, Trooper Patterson stuck his hand out, and said “My name is Michael Patterson, sir. Thank you for delivering me.” Here’s the post from teh New Jersey State Police Facebook page:

What a cool story! Oh, and about that “minor violation” – Patterson never issued a ticket for that infraction. Probably just a warning. More details about the story available in the Facebook post above.

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