Tourists Cause Huge Brawl In Front Of Rome’s Trevi Fountain Over Selfies

By Motherly on August 10, 2018
Trevi Fountain Fight, Perfect Selfie, Rome
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Rome’s Trevi Fountain is a prime location for people looking to take that perfect selfie. However, it appears the fountain is such a good spot, people are willing to physically fight to take their picture…

According to The Guardian, what began as a minor argument between a 19-year-old Dutch woman and a 44-year-old Italian-American woman quickly escalated to a massive brawl.

Apparently, evenings are the best time to take photos at the fountain because the lighting hits the perfect level. So, when the two women both went for their photo at this time, neither wanted to wait for the other. While things started with only a small exchange of words, things immediately took a turn for the worse. The two began fighting over the spot, and family members on both sides quickly jumped in.

In total, eight people became involved in the selfie brawl that surprised onlookers. Although two police officers managed to break the fight up, it only took a few minutes before it started all over again. Eventually, another two officers had to come by to fully break it up. While their were no serious injuries (mainly cuts and bruises), the brawlers received violence charges from Italian police.

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The Trevi Fountain is no stranger to bad tourist behavior, however. Fines were recently raised for people caught snacking or camping on the pedestals, swimming in the water, or for those who try to recreate the famous scene from the 1960 film La Dolce Vita, in which actress Anita Ekberg wades into the fountain. There was also an increase in security at the site following the fountain’s 2015 restoration.

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