Mikuni Raises Thousands Of Dollars For Wildfire Victims With The Rescue Roll

This isn’t the first time Mikuni used the Rescue Roll to help

By Marilyn Nelson on August 10, 2018
(Photo by Terray Sylvester/Getty Images)

Mikuni has several locations around the Sacramento area, and Wednesday they sold their “Rescue Roll” to benefit wildfire victims in Northern California.

And they sold a lot, raising $23,000 in a single day. The money will be donated to various community disaster relief agencies. 

Mikuni first introduced the Rescue Roll – which consists panko shrimp, crab mix, cream cheese, avocado, seared tuna, sauces, tenkasu – in 2011 after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. They brought it back after the floods in Houston and again now for the wildfires burning in Northern California.

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