These Are The Top 5 Chores We HATE The Most

Are there any chores you actually kinda LIKE doing?

By Marilyn Nelson on May 4, 2018
(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

America has decided…the most hated household chore is…cleaning the toilet. Probably because it’s disgusting to clean a week (or two) worth of everyone else’s business. GROSS!

Here’s the full top five (according to Yahoo!)…

  1. Cleaning the toilet
  2. Cleaning the oven
  3. Washing the windows
  4. Removing hair from the drain
  5. Unclogging the sink

So, what core bothers us the least? Emptying the dishwasher. We don’t so much mind that. The survey also found the average person can think of 6 chores right now that they should do but have been putting off.

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