Three People Arrested In Loomis For Mail Theft After Calling 911 To Help Start Their Car [PIC]

Here’s a tip. If you’re going to call the cops, don’t be doing something illegal at the time.

By bonneville on November 16, 2017
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Three people were arrested in Loomis yesterday for mail theft…AFTER calling 9-1-1 because they lost their keys mid-heist.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department says they got a 911 call from someone yesterday who needed help getting their car started because they lost their keys. That’s when officers found piles of stolen mail on the seats and floorboard of the car. The car was also parked next to a mailbox that had been pried open!

The three were arrested and charged with felony mail theft. Deputies say they were not happy to be arrested since they’d called for help finding their keys.

Yesterday, we arrested three suspects for mail theft in Loomis after receiving a 911 call to help get their car…

Posted by Placer County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, November 16, 2017

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