Thieves Steal Security Cameras, Don’t Realize They’re Live-Streaming

Thieves stole the very security cameras that were recording them, not realizing that the cameras were still recording them afterwards.

By DAVID on July 19, 2018
(Photo by Steffi Loos/Getty Images)

Security cameras are getting sophisticated these days. Gone are they days it looks like we’re watching a dark room through a bottle of water. New cameras are better than high-definition, have Wifi, and batteries. These thieves found that out the hard way.

The person the thieves were stealing from luckily had cameras rolling when they entered a shed on his property. He was storing things in the shed while there was other construction on the property. The thieves broke into that shed, and started exploring all the things the owner had stored. They spent quite some time in there as well, making sure they didn’t leave anything behind. They discovered the security cameras, and I guess they didn’t know the cameras were active at the time, but they must have figured they could sell them. Anyway, the thieves basically live-streamed the entire robbery to the owner’s phone.

After making their getaway with the cameras, the thieves went to another spot to do more illegal things. Brilliant as these guys were after stealing security cameras, they then started doing drugs. After putting the cameras they had just stolen down on a table. Facing towards them. Seriously, see the story over here.

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