The “Smiliest” City in America…is in Northern California

By djsheryl on August 19, 2022
(Photo by Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The city of Concord, CA just topped a list of the “happiest/smiliest” cities in the U.S. in a study sponsored by HouseFresh. Curious about how they determined that? “We used Microsoft’s face recognition API, Azure, to analyze a database of Instagram selfies from every state and the 100 biggest U.S. cities to see which are the happiest places to live,” says the authors of the study. They went on to say “On a citywide scale, Concord reverses the trend of its home state California, boasting both the highest average happiness rating and most intense smiles.” Maybe there’s just really good dentists in Concord? Of course, that would certainly be reason to smile. In any case…. congrats to Concord!

Here are the Top 10 Happiest Cities in America, according to the study:

Concord, California
Provo, Utah
Knoxville, Tennessee
Charleston, South Carolina
Mesa, Arizona
Cape Coral, Florida
Ogden, Utah
Nashville, Tennessee
Sarasota, Florida
New Orleans, Louisiana

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