The Santa Tracking Website Will Start This Weekend

The favorite Santa tracker websites are going live this weekend, and they offer some fun games, some music, and even a movie that you can watch.

By DAVID on November 29, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

The famous NORAD website that tracks Santa will go live this weekend. The North American Aerospace Defense Command will track Santa, using their radar and intelligence. The website will let you follow along as Santa makes his deliveries, and you can sort of get a rough estimate of when he will arrive to your area. Tracking starts early, and there’s a countdown to when he’s done with the toys and starts his flight. You can see more on the NORAD tracker over here. Starting on Saturday, their website will light up with some games and music. You’ll also be able to watch a movie, and learn a little about the man himself.

Google will also have their tracker, and their website is very interactive as well. They’ve got all sorts of games and activities. As each day counts down closer to Christmas, there are more games that will become “unlocked.” It’s a sort of advent calendar layout, and it’s something fun for the kids to work on. You might give it a look if you’re bored at the office one day too. We won’t tell your boss if you don’t tell ours. Check out Google’s version here.

The Google website certainly has “more to do” than NORAD’s website, though both do have games. However, when the big night is here, the two are working together and sharing the same “radar” info. Pretty cool to see them sharing the same info like that. You can even search for “Santa” on Google Maps to see his location. See a little more about both websites over here.

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