Sunflower Farmers Have A Message For Instagrammers [VIDEO]

Farmers aren’t happy with Instagrammers after they keep finding their crops destroyed for the sake of sunflower selfies.

By DAVID on August 3, 2018
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

We’ve all been seeing those gorgeous pictures (and some sorry excuses for pictures, but that’s besides the point) of sunflowers in our feeds. Instagram, Facebook, probably Snapchat, etc. People are going to sunflower farms to take selfies and pictures, and it’s really making the farmers mad.

Of course there are sunflower farms all over northern california. Davis, Winters, Woodland, everywhere. They’re all up and down the coast, and into Canada too. Anyway, they’re a popular attraction. Sunflower pictures do well on social media – they’re very pretty to look at. Likes and shares, all that good stuff we like. They really seem even more popular this year than in years past, too.

The farmers and landowners are taking notice. They’re taking notice because their crops are getting trampled and even stolen in some cases. The sunflower farms are an income for these farmers, and portions of their crops are getting destroyed by people trying to get that perfect snap. Some farmers have even caught full-on photoshoots, with tripods, extra lights – the works. Farmers are also finding that people are leaving trash all over the farms.

They say, in general, that they’re totally fine with people taking photos of their crops. Farmers do prefer people stay on the roadway though – they don’t want people “trespassing” on their farms. They don’t want to have to pick up garbage. Sunflower farms are private property, they’re not just planted all willy-nilly for public access. Check out some more info here.

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