Steve Carell Attached To New Netflix Series About ‘Space Force’ [WATCH]

A new Netflix comedy series is currently in development, that will star Steve Carell and center around the creation of a “Space Force” military.

By NathanG on January 16, 2019
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Steve Carell, and The Office creator Greg Daniels, are teaming up to create a new Netflix series inspired by the President’s “Space Force” ideas.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has ordered the show as a straight-to-series. Carell will also be starring in this new series, which is being described as a workplace comedy, similar to The Office. The premise of the show will reportedly focus on the people tasked with creating Space Force, the sixth branch of the armed services.

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Carell, whose billing includes co-creator and executive producer, will reportedly set a new record for talent salary. Reports claim that Carell may surpass the $1 million that the cast of CBS’ The Big Bang Theory received per episode. Netflix receives some of its top views through the streaming of The Office on its platform. Steve Carell announcing his desire to return to television roles, may have been the reason Netflix jumped on this series.

This will mark Carell’s first long-term TV role, since finishing his seven-season run on NBC’s The Office. No official release date has been set yet for Space Force, or an episode count.

What do you think about this new series from Carell and Daniels? 

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