Starbucks Being Sued By California Family For Finding Blood In Drink

A family in California is suing Starbucks after they found blood on the whipped cream and rim of the cup in a Frappuccino they ordered.

By Admin on February 9, 2018
(Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)

A family in California is suing a local Starbucks after they found blood on a drink they received.

Amanda and Louis Vice said that they ordered multiple drinks at a San Bernardino Starbucks location back in 2016. After receiving their drinks, their 2-year-old daughter, Payton, starting licking the whipped cream off a Frappuccino right away. It took a minute before someone noticed that there was a red smear on the cup and a “strong metallic smell.”

Amanda told KTLA:

“Once we drank it, then we could see on the inside of the rim that there was blood. She was licking the whipped cream where it had been sitting on top.”

The family’s lawyer, Stan Pekler, states that Starbucks admitted that a barista had been bleeding and was instructed to stop making drinks.

The store manager offered the Vices free drinks for a week and $1,000 each. However, the family turned down the offer. They said that “does not begin to compensate the family for suffered injuries and damages for which Starbucks is liable.”

Starbucks spokesman Reggie Borges finds it strange that a lawsuit was filed last week when this happened two years ago. He told People Magazine:

“We’ve been working directly with [the family] to find a resolution since this allegedly happened almost two years ago. We were surprised that they filed a lawsuit last week. And we were even more surprised that their legal team put out a news release on Wednesday and felt the need to blast it out to media.”

“We’ll continue to try to work with the family to try to come to a resolution and get a better understanding of what they feel is fair based on these allegations. But now that it’s become a lawsuit we are fully prepared to make our case on this matter.”

After the incident, the Vices had blood tests done that thankfully came back clean.

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