Starbucks Is Looking To Begin Bakery Chain In United States

Will the coffee kings rule over the bakery world as well?

By Sarah Kuta on November 10, 2017
Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Images

When you think of Starbucks, you may not just think about coffee and caffeine anymore.

The Starbucks chain is the coffee king of the United States. However, they’ve often struggled with find success with their food.

The caffeine giant is hoping to change their foodie fortunes with an Italian bakery chain that will eventually spread across the nation.

Starbucks’s new venture is centered around Princi, a six-location bakery boutique out of Europe that Starbucks invested in last year. They’ve since become Princi’s global licensee.

Their expansion to the US will begin in their hometown of Seattle, Washington, eventually aiming to open up stand-alone bakeries starting next year.

Each Princi location will sell over 100 items, ranging from traditional Italian baked goods to sandwiches.

Will we have good coffee AND good food?

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