The Spice Girls In Talks To Launch Their Own Record Label

The Spice Girls reunion is even better than what we anticipated. It turns out the ladies are considering launching their own record label.

By WKBW on February 6, 2018
the spice girls
(Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images)

It turns out that the Spice Girls reunion may be even greater than anticipated. The members are reportedly thinking about starting a record label.

Victoria Beckham, Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner met up last week to bounce ideas. Some topics included potentially doing TV shows and, of course, touring. The label idea, however, sounds very promising. The members were thinking about scouting potential “girl power” talent.

A source told the Sun:

“The girls all brought their ideas to the table and that included Mel C raising the prospect of a Spice Girls record label. It went down very well because they are all excited about backing up-and-coming talent, possibly even new girl bands.

“This reunion is all about securing the Spice Girls legacy, and their own company could be one way to do that.”

In regards to the possibility of a tour, Victoria and Mel C were initially against the idea. However, by the end of the meeting, they seemed to come around, says the insider:

“After the meeting there is growing confidence about a full-scale tour, at the end of this year or early next year. Mel C still needs to be convinced but Victoria is on board for the moment.”

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