Southwest Airlines Unveils ‘Shark Week’ Planes

I hope we see one of these in Sacramento soon!

By Admin on July 11, 2018
A Southwest Plane (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Shark Week is such a big deal that the ocean can longer contain it! Now it’s in the air!

USA Today reports, “For the third year in a row, Southwest Airlines will join the fray by rolling out shark-themed designs on its Boeing 737 aircraft.

In previous years, Southwest had given just one of its jets a shark-inspired look. This year, five Southwest 737s will get a shark makeover. Each plane will feature its own species of shark.

The aircraft still show Southwest’s typical paint scheme, but an image of circling sharks and a 30th-anniversary Shark Week logo will grace the nose of Southwest’s five Shark Week jets.

The special liveries debut Monday and will fly on the jets through Aug. 31.”

I hope we see one of these in Sacramento soon!

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