Something That Doesn’t Sell Well On Amazon

Amazon is largely the center of the shopping world, with an insane number of shoppers and profits, but there’s one thing people aren’t buying.

By on June 12, 2018
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Amazon sells everything. Food, drinks, electronics, books, CDs, Blu-Rays – everything. And everything sells really well, That’s evident by the number of delivery trucks I see running through my neighborhood daily. Although, there’s one thing that isn’t selling well on Amazon.

Clothing. Clothes don’t sell well on the internet-shopping giant’s website. It’s said that about 84% of people shopping for clothes on Amazon, but only about 20% of them actually buy things online. A lot of this has to do with sizing. We just don’t know how clothes will fit once they arrive. We could be wearing one size of pants, and try on the same size in a store, and it doesn’t fit. Imagine trying to buy that size online, and having the same results.

Online returning is a hassle. Yes, Amazon makes it easy, you basically just ask for a return, print a shipping label, and drop it off. But it’s the fact that now you have to box it back up, take it to a shipping place… It’s a hassle when you just want to go home at the end of the day and remember you have to drop it off. A lot of this is probably why Amazon is developing new body-scanning tech, but that’s another story. All that said, Amazon still looks like they’re going to clean $28 billion worth of clothing sales this year. They’re also estimated to do $62 billion by 2021, which is just incredible. See some more info here.

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