Only People Famous On Social Media Allowed To View New L.A. Mural [PIC]

Are you famous on the internet and want to rub it in people’s faces? Well, this new mural in Los Angeles created by Jack Wagner might just be the perfect thing for you!

By austind03 on June 27, 2018
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Are you famous on the internet and want to rub it in people’s faces? Well, we found the perfect thing for you!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, there’s a new mural in Los Angeles, but it’s got a catch. In order to view the piece of art, you need to have over 20,000 followers on social media or be a verified profile.

While you may be wondering how who would stop you from see the public artwork, the creator figured out a solution. Not only is there a tent stopping anyone from seeing the mural, but a security guard also protects it. There’s even a sign next to the tent that explains the rules for seeing the piece. It says:

“For verified influencers and people with over 20,000 followers only.”

Although the mural has only been around for a day, it’s already drawing a lot of controversy. Many, unsurprisingly, think the requirements to see the piece are pretty stupid. Other’s also point out that mural is pretty basic and not really worth the hassle to see.

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However, the whole thing appears to be a part of publicity stunt for an upcoming Go90 series called Like and Subscribe. Creator Jack Wagner explained:

“It is a very strange phenomenon when you see all these people literally traveling to take a picture in front of these murals in L.A. So I thought, ‘what if there was a more exclusive, rare mural for people to Instagram? It could show a true level of status.’ This mural really just showcases that you’re on a different echelon.”

He’s also a bit surprised by the reaction to the mural. On the one hand, he was shocked the mural wasn’t destroyed after the first night it was up. On the other, he wasn’t expecting to receive pushback from the social influencers. He said:

“A lesson I’ve learned is that verified influencers don’t like to be called verified influencers. Companies get on their hands and knees to beg influencers to promote their stuff. We’re just being direct about it. I have no shame.”

However, the piece has, also unsurprisingly, led many to try getting a selfie with it. Wagner himself expressed surprise at the how many desperately wanted their own picture. In the end though, it all appears to fit with what the new show will be about. Focusing on the lives of social media stars, the series will star Dillon Francis, comedian Brandon Wardell, and former SNL cast member John Milhiser. Jack Wagner described the difficulty in writing the show, saying:

 “Writing a satire about influencer culture and social media was way harder than I thought. I would write a scene that I thought would be so ridiculous and absurd and then a couple weeks later, it would happen in real life.

Head right here to learn more about the mural and the show, Like and Subscribe. Also, let us know if you would take a photo with this mural if you ever got the chance!

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