Sharks Have Been Problematic, But This Alligator Doesn’t Care [VIDEO]

We get sharks along the coast of Northern California, and they get them in the southern states too, but they have shark-eating alligators now too.

By DAVID on July 17, 2018
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

We told you last month about the great white sharks that were seen off the coast of Northern California. Sure, sharks on the west coast are nothing new. They’re like the alligators of the southeast states. This time it’s another sort of shark story from the east coast.

Usually when we’re talking about South Carolina or further south, we’re talking about alligators. They’re the sharks of America’s southeastern states. They’re really not as frequent as the news makes it seem, but if you try to find one, you can. Anyway, right off of the South Carolina shores, an alligator and a shark were spotted. This time though, the alligator WAS EATING THE SHARK. Ok, so it was a smaller shark, but still a shark.

This alligator is named “Charlie” by the locals though. Salt water usually isn’t where ‘gators hang out, but this guy figured out some good feasting. I’m not talking about the shark, but the fishing boats. When they return to the docks and clean the fish, Charlie discovered that it’s a good spot for food. Smart alligator for sure. A researcher for Duke University says that way back when, salt water used to be the hang-out spot for alligators though, and that they’re slowly starting to migrate back.

You know what? I’m staying out of the water this year. I’ll call you back next summer, ocean. Thanks for the invite though. Check out more on the story here.

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