Prince Harry’s Good Friend Secretly Works As A Gay Porn Star

By austind03 on June 27, 2018
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A new scandal is surrounding Prince Harry, but this time it has nothing to do with Meghan Markle. It actually has to do with one of Harry’s good friends Dan Broughton, who’s also known as Dirty Danny…

According to Radar Online, Broughton is a distinguished member of The Household Cavalry. Although this section of the British Army is largely ceremonial, they are the Queen’s official bodyguards. His unit in the royal escort even accompanied the new royal couple through the streets of Windsor on their wedding day. However, a surprising revelation about Broughton has just become public knowledge: he’s a popular gay porn star!

While it’s not a secret that he is gay, his second career in porn caught the royal family off-guard. In the past, Prince Harry described Broughton as “his ‘GBF’ – gay best friend.”

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Nonetheless, it’s not clear if even the prince knew about Dan Broughton’s second life as Dirty Danny. Radar revealed that Danny is one of the most popular actors on several gay websites, and their are many very explicit videos of him around the internet.

With all the weird strict rules in royal culture, this revelation could affect his career with The Household Cavalry. However, we will just have to wait and see what happens going forward.

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