Play-Doh Releases New ‘Poop Troop’ Play Set, Just What We Don’t Need [PIC]

The moldable clay toy company Play-Doh just dropped a new set called the “Poop Troop,” and it literally has everything to do with poop.

By on October 4, 2018
Play-Doh Fingerprint, Walmart, Dennis Jackson
(Photo by Matt Stroshane/Getty Images)

Look, I love a good poop joke (I’m immature, they’re funny), but this is going too far. Let me back up – yes it’s still funny. But I don’t think it should be a thing. But also, hey, maybe it’s harmless and funny enough for kids.

It’s a new play set from Play-Doh, the moldable clay toy. It’s modeled a little after the poop emoji. You know the one. It’s called the “Poop Troop,” because it’s a set that includes a few different characters. Basically, you get some eyes, arms, mouths, etc as accessories. Once you mold you Play-Doh poop, you can give it a total personality. And you get to choose from a variety of different colors, too. It comes with 12 cans of Play-Doh in the box to pick from. Naturally, this is causing a flush with some people. Some parents are complaining that some kids already have a problem with, uh, poop-play, so this might just be confusing. Other parents celebrate it, saying that it’s perfectly hilarious and great entertainment for kids.

Whatever your side of the argument, just know it’s under $15, and you’ll never look at poo the same way again. Also, did you know that Play-Doh has a trademarked smell? The things you learn when you’re reading about Play-Doh poop. Check out the new poop-kit here.

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