Nine-Year-Old Has Best Handwriting In The Country

There’s a national handwriting contest, and a 9-year-old third-grader just won a trophy that’s almost as big as him.

By on June 1, 2018
(Photo by Dylan Martinez – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Did you know there was a national handwriting contest? We didn’t either. It’s something that doctors will never be a part of (and I definitely won’t be there). The contest is a mail-in one, where you send samples in to be judged. The winner, 9-year-old Edbert Aquino, is from New Jersey.

The third-grader is apparently a cursive champion. He beat out nearly 250,000 other kids in various grades (all the way to 8th grade) to win. His trophy is nearly as tall as he is, and he got a cash prize too. Edbert won a $1,000 check for his school which will be used for purchasing educational materials. Books, supplies, you know, school things. He also got to take home a $500 personal prize. Little guy is thinking ahead too, saying “I will for now save it because something might come up that my parents might need, I might need, so I’ll always have that money in case.” Smart, and I love how he says he’d give it to his parents if they needed it.

Let’s go back to the contest though and focus on that for a second. A third-grader won a national handwriting contest. Many of us as adults can’t even write very clearly. Seriously, we all type now, when was the last time we had to do any amount of actual writing? I don’t mean like in a birthday card or something, but an actual page? Probably when we were in college. I’ll be the first to say my writing is never consistent, and usually messy. Edbert’s writing is almost a dead-ringer for the sample he had to copy for the contest. His teacher even says “He pays very close attention to detail and I think thats [SIC] what allows his handwriting to look the way it does.” Check out some more info here.

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