New Netflix Series Features Sacramento Serial Killer Dorothea Puente

Netflix puts a spotlight on Sacramento’s notorious landlady.

By Marilyn Nelson on March 7, 2022
(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Maybe you remember when it happened. I sure do. In the late 1980’s Sacramento serial killer Dorothea Puente dominated the news. It seemed like everyday for weeks the horror played out in front of our eyes. Several bodies were recovered from shallow graves in a little old lady’s yard on F street. 

Dorothea was convicted in 1993 of drugging the elderly, homeless, and disabled victims at her boarding home, cashing their Social Security checks and then burying them on her property. She denied the murders until she died in prison in 2011.

A new Netflix docuseries “The Worst Roommate Ever” features Dorothea and her horrific crimes in the very first episode. The series seems to be renewing interest in Dorothea and her crimes.

Since the show has aired, small curious crowds have been noticed milling around the boarding house at 1462 F St. where the string of grisly murders occurred. The home has become a stop for macabre sight-seers and true crime fans.  The owners of the infamous property seem to be good sports and have embraced the notoriety. 

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