New ‘Mouth Sensor’ Monitors What You Eat

There’s some new technology you wear in your mouth that monitors what you eat, and it’s starting with sodium intake.

By on May 10, 2018
(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Dieting is hard, we know. It’s hard to lose weight even when we do cut back on things. This new sensor is designed to monitor exactly what you’re eating, and give you feedback. You just have to wear it in your mouth.

At the moment, it only monitors sodium intake, and is designed for people with higher blood-pressure (hypertension). It monitors the amount of salt in whatever it is you’re eating or drinking. And yes, it interfaces with your phone. It sends a notification when you get to a certain amount of sodium intake. The sensor is still very much in development stages, and they’ve only released the first version as a prototype. The developers hope to eventually be able to make it much smaller. Think “laminating to a tooth” sized. That would be a very non-invasive way to go about a mouth-sensor.

The idea is that it’s hard to know exactly how much salt is in something. Everything comes with non-exact amounts, depending on who prepared the food, where it came from, what it is, etc. The sensor will measure exactly how much salt you’re consuming to allow you to better control your blood pressure. It’s a soft sensore so it won’t dig in, and you can basically wear it like a retainer. It’s pretty interesting and certainly a good idea, but is there a better way to monitor your sodium intake? Or maybe just staying away from it as best you can would work just as well? I don’t know, but it’s paving the way for a lot of other future mouth-tech. Check out some more info here.

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