New Fashion Accessory – The Marble Wristwatch

A watch company has made a wristwatch, and although it doesn’t tell time, it’s made out of marble and looks like a watch at least.

By DAVID on May 31, 2018
(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Jaeger-LeCoultre)

Would you buy a wristwatch made out of marble? It’s not decorated using small pieces of the decorative stone – it’s actually made from a slab of marble. It doesn’t even actually tell time, so it’s hardly a “watch.”

It started with removing traditional clocks from classrooms because students these day’s can’t read them. Now people are wearing watches for fashion only. A lot of them don’t even work, like the battery is dead. Take a quick walk around your office, we’re sure you’ll find at least one dead watch that someone is wearing. This company is jumping on the fashion accessory bandwagon and released a marble watch. It doesn’t take batteries, and it won’t tell you what time it is.

The company says the watch is “more than a product,” adding that it’s really a “philosophy and a way of life.” I’m not sure what way of life they’re trying to sell besides constant tardiness, but hey, they’re probably going to sell these things. It’s really just a bracelet like a traditional watch with a slab of marble stone where the face of the watch would be. It’s even round like a traditional watch. You can choose from two types of marble – white or black, and 4 colors of bracelet. Those colors read like an Apple sales catalog, carbon black, silver, rose gold, and regular gold. See it for yourself, here’s their website. Buy one too, if you feel like parting with about $190 U.S…

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