Millennials Are Awful Tippers

Millennials might just kill TIPPING.

By Pacey on June 19, 2018
(Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

Millennials might just kill TIPPING.

A study by and reported by USA Today finds 10% of Millennials (18-37 year old)  do not tip AT ALL when they go out to eat and a majority of them, two-thirds tip less than 20% at restaurants. That’s compared to people who are over the age of 38 who reportedly tip at least 20%.

So, why aren’t they tipping? The director of the Center for Consumer Insights at Yale says,

“Millennials use a lot of services that didn’t have options of tipping, like shopping online. Uber didn’t have a tipping option at all until recently. That shifted the norms toward tipping less or not tipping at all.”

However, the people who ran the study have a different theory. They say, “When you don’t make a lot of money, your financial margin of error is very small, so even if you wanted to, you might not be able to financially.”

And, you might be surprised to learn SENIORS are the best tippers with 55% of people over 65 saying they tip 20% or more

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