Man Fires Gun At Imaginary Clowns, Gets Real Arrested

This guy had a drink or two, and realized that there may or may not be clowns in his home, so he does the logical thing and fires a shotgun at them.

By DAVID on September 13, 2018
(Photo by Lukas Schulze/Getty Images)

The clowns were fake, but the gun was very real, and he’s facing 5 years in prison. The man’s name is Nathan, and he admitted that he was a little drunk. He also admitted to thinking there were clowns in his apartment.

Oh yeah, this happened in an apartment. I don’t know if you’ve ever lived in an apartment, but those walls won’t even stop sound, nevermind a gunshot. Nathan says he fired his shotgun inside his apartment because he thought there were clowns in there with him. He lived on the second floor of his apartment, and apparently “put his first-floor neighbor in danger.” When police arrived, they found him outside, holding the gun. He said he was “trying to shoot two small clowns.”

Police also booked Nathan on an unrelated charge of drunk driving. Nathan admits that what he did was wrong, and he’s taking full responsibility for the shooting. His lawyer, probably cringing, says Nathan was just responding to “some type of hallucinatory event.” He’s facing anywhere between 22 months to 5 years in prison. That about sums it up. Check out some other details on the story here, and remember – don’t shoot at clowns. Real or imaginary.

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