Man Caught Waffle House Employee Sleeping, So He Cooked Himself His Own Meal

He cleaned up his mess and later returned to pay for his meal.

By Felicia Czochanski on December 4, 2017
BILOXI,MS-OCTOBER 7, 2017: Waffle House customers bring their family to eat at the restaurant which sits 75 feet from the beach as the eye of Hurricane Nate pushes ashore in Biloxi, Mississippi October 7, 2017. Hurricane Nate is expected to make landfall on the Mississippi Gulf coast near midnight local time.
(Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images)

A South Carolina man who had the “drunchies” decided to roll up to a Waffle House to get a late night meal in before bed. However, he soon became confused when he couldn’t find a single employee around.

Alex Bowen eventually found the only Waffle House employee on duty, who was asleep, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

According to WISTV, after realizing the only employee wasn’t capable of cooking his meal, he hopped over the counter and made his own.

Crediting “vodka” for the decision, Bowen whipped up a “double Texas bacon cheesesteak melt with extra pickles.” All the while, he was taking selfies of himself cooking and the staff member dozing, which he later uploaded to Facebook.

He didn’t dine and dash, however. He cleaned up his mess and later returned to pay for his meal.

The Waffle House employee caught asleep on the job was suspended for a week. Bowen, however, was actually complimented for his cooking skills.

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