Luckily Spiders Can’t Band Together, Or Humans Could Be Extinct

Some researchers decided to look at the number of spiders in the world, and figured out that all the spiders could eat all the humans in just a year.

By DAVID on December 17, 2018
(Photo by Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images)

The long version shortened is that spiders could eat us. Every one of us, but only if they could all work together to do so.

Sorry if you have arachnophobia, but then again if you do, you probably didn’t even click on this to read it. Still though, some new research is estimating that not only could all the spiders on earth consume all of the humans on earth, but they could do it within just a year. If you think that’s outrageous, well, hear me out, I have facts and things. There are a lot of spiders in the world. If you’ve ever walked through the woods, have a rarely-used backyard shed, or have been in my grandfather’s attic, you know this is true.

Researchers have estimated that spiders eat a lot of their prey. Like, 440.9 and 881.8 million tons worth – every year. Yes that’s a large gap in the estimate, but the low end is the important number here – let’s just call it 441 millions tons. That’s nearly 15,000 city busses. Here’s the kicker – the total weight of adult humans on the planet, roughly estimated again, is just 316 million tons. Spiders would actually want more AFTER eating us. That’s adult humans though – but the researchers estimate that non-adult humans would only weigh about 77 million tons.

OBVIOUSLY this would never happen, it’s just some numbers in a sort of “what if” scenario. Spiders are much too small to consume a human – they’d have to work together and be densely populated. But, the number of spiders on the earth could eat all the humans on earth. And this sounds like a great d-list horror movie idea. See some more info on the story over here.

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