Let’s Get To The Bottom Of Why Millennials Hate Talking On The Phone

It’s no question that young people hate having to make or receive a phone call, and this study has just figured out why that is.

By DAVID on December 13, 2018
(Photo by Clemens Bilan/Getty Images for P&C and Fashion ID)

It’s no secret that a ton of young people hate talking on the phone. Not all, but a lot. They’d prefer to send text messages or emails, or even use Facebook messenger. But why is it? Well, they asked 1,200 “millennials” to explain, and got these answers.

You see it everywhere, people – especially young people – constantly holding their phones. They can type with their thumbs without even looking, they can summon a meme in seconds. They always find the perfect .gif to explain their life in an instant, and they can order food or an Uber without anyone even noticing. But as soon as that phone starts ringing, they panic and put it away just as fast. It isn’t quite “telephonophobia” (fear of taking or receiving phone calls), but it may as well be.

An overwhelming majority of millennial-aged people responding say that they have to “summon up the courage” to make or take a phone call. 82%, actually, which is just silly. 4-out-of-5 young people literally (see what I did there?) have to actually “summon up the courage” to use the phone. What’s there to be afraid of? There are other reasons as to why young people avoid phone calls as well. Perhaps they’re busy or think the call will be “time-consuming.” Some cited a “whiny caller” as another reason, and other have said they’re trying to avoid having to do a favor for someone.

As for excuses, well, the top excuse is that they “hadn’t noticed their phone vibrate or ring.” Another one was using the old “bad service” excuse, and even “I was in a meeting.” Here’s something else interesting too – millennials are most likely to avoid calls from their own friends rather than their parents. Surprise! Although they still ignore calls from everyone, for the most part. See more details right over here.

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